This is not a very good blog

I won’t deny it: This is not a very good blog. It veers wildly from overly, obsequiously professional (and, I think, boring) to randomly goofy (but probably not in an entertaining enough way to justify any clients it might cost me).

Well, I’m working on it.

Here’s something I think is true about the blog medium: It’s as much about practice as it is about professionalism. This is simply inherent to blogging—the cost of entry is so low, the compensation so minimal, and the window of time you can expect your audience to spend on your blog so short, that it just doesn’t make sense to polish and edit and revise blog posts. At least not the same way you’d polish and edit and revise a newspaper or magazine article.

And while that doesn’t mean you should just put out crap, it does mean that the only way to improve is by doing it, by blogging often and in public, so you can figure out what works.

It can be hard, because, yeah, it’s embarrassing when you’ve blogged something you wish were better-written, or when someone calls you out for not knowing something. It dismays me to think of all the stuff I’ve posted online that makes me sound like a total (as opposed to a partial) fool. I kind of wish I could wipe it all out and start fresh and sound like a genius from square one.

But there is also comfort in knowing that all the foolish stuff is out there and that, you know, by putting it out there and leaving it there, I’m owning it. Yup, sometimes I am dumb, or boring, or lame. But that’s because I’m a person. And maybe the best thing blogs and the rest of the internet will do for us will be to make it undeniably obvious how integral dumbness, boringness, and lameness are to the human condition, so that we can get comfortable with them. That would be good for everybody, right?

18 January 2012 ·

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