Why I support the Project Lodge

A little more than a year ago, I wrote a cover story for Isthmus about the Project Lodge, a volunteer-run art space near downtown Madison. ProLo’s story is a familiar one: It wants to offer artists of all types a venue for sharing their work with an interested audience, and it needs more money to do so.

While I am wary of throwing money at causes like this—because all the good intentions in the world don’t count for anything when it comes to operating a viable organization—my (brief) experience with the Project Lodge’s managers is that they really do expend a lot of structured time and energy to keep it running. In other words, it’s not a half-assed hobby; it’s a real enterprise.

So I made a donation to their Kickstarter fund. It wasn’t a great big one or anything, but maybe you could also make a not-great-big donation, and maybe if enough people do, the Project Lodge will reach its goal. Or if you don’t want to donate, maybe you could at least retweet or reblog or share this? Eh? Eh? Whatever. No pressure.

Also, if you pledge, there are prizes. And, I believe, fame too. I hope so, anyway.

9 January 2012 ·


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